Definition of Dual Purpose Certificate and combined OBT

Dual purpose certificate

In order to apply for a Dual Purpose Certificate one needs 60 sea days of rating’s OBT-deck, and 60 days of rating’s OBT-engine.

Combined training

Students completing OBT at Officer level (deck officer and chief engineer) can complete combine training via HarjoitteluMylly. When doing combined OBT, OBT-deck and OBT-engine are done during the same OBT-period. Combined OBT can be considered OBT in both departments, provided that the duties in the training record book are completed. The rating’s OBT must be completed before it is possible to do combined OBT.

If you study for watchkeeping rating, repairman or electro-technical rating, you cannot apply for combined OBT from HarjoitteluMylly. In these cases, the OBT must be completed as separate OBT-periods. This applies for students in secondary education who, during their first year of study, have the right to change their field of study (engine/deck) and at the same time also the training record book they use.

When you apply for combined OBT, in your OBT application choose “combined” as the departemnt where you want to conduct OBT.  It is not possible to do combined OBT on all vessels, and HarjoitteluMylly thus only has a limited number of combined OBT-places available.