When the OBT ends

Before the end of the OBT-period it shall be agreed, on board, where the apprentice will sign off. The dates of the OBT-period given by HarjoitteluMylly are always only preliminary. If the vessel calls Finnish ports, the OBT must be terminated in Finland. The apprentice should also inform HarjoitteluMylly about when and where the OBT ends.

Clean your cabin thoroughly before you leave the ship. Remove all trash, vacuum the cabin, wash the bathroom and toilet, and take the bedding to laundry so that the next apprentice can arrive to a clean and pleasant cabin. The shipping company has the right to invoice an apprentice for the cleaning costs if the cabin has been left untidy.

At the end of each OBT-period, the apprentice and the DTO each complete their feedback form. The apprentice fills in feedback about the ship as OBT-vessel and how it served as a learning environment. The vessels compete for the “OBT-Ship of the Year” – award. The accolade is awarded annually on the basis of received feedback. The DTO in turn, fills in a form on the performance of the apprentice. More information about the feedback forms can be found here.

It is good to update your profile and relevant dates when the OBT-period ends, at the latest – especially if you wish to start a new OBT-period soon.

Throughout the OBT, it is good to keep in mind that, in a near future, the vessel can become your workplace and the crew your colleagues.