Valokuva: Pekka Karppanen, MEPA

Rules – Standing Orders

  • The courses included in (BST) Basic Safety Training (Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques, and Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities) must be completed before a student can participate in OBT.
  • The student must have valid passports (tourist and seaman’s passports) and a valid seafarer’s medical certificate to do OBT.
  • The use of intoxicants and drugs during OBT is prohibited.
  • You apply for OBT on Finnish vessels in international traffic only via Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly.
  • Travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the applicable regulations and practices of the academy. Check your own academy’s rules.
  • Apprentices are insured by the maritime academy when performing duties during OBT. The insurance of the maritime academy does not cover leisure time during the OBT. The time apprentices sleep, eat, or go ashore are for example not covered by the insurance. To this end, the apprentice should have their own personal insurance, such as travel, leisure, or accident insurance.
  • Photographs posted on social media must be approved by the master or the DTO. If crew members or freight and cargo can be seen in the photos, there is a possibility that trade secrets are revealed. The shipping company may also have its own company policies that must be followed.

Safety First

  • Nothing is more important than your own safety and the safety of other crew members. It is important to actively listen to, and internalise, safety and health information whenever it is given. Always use appropriate and necessary protective equipment.