Packing for a stay on board

All documents in original form:

  • Valid tourist- and seaman’s passports
  • Valid seafarer’s medical certificate
  • OBT-contract
  • Onboard Training Record Book
  • Important certificates of proficiency, such as BST
  • Other CoCs or Certificates of Proficiency
  • Valid insurance that covers leisure time on board, eg leisure, travel or accident insurance
  • Any personal medical certificates and prescriptions for medicine


  • Personal hygiene items
  • Safety shoes. You can also bring your own, certainly fitting or more comfortable work clothes or other equipment, if you wish. Work gloves, work overalls, and hearing- and eye protection are usually available on board.
  • Consider the season and bring enough warm clothes as working outdoors is very likely.
  • For example, books, exercise clothes, and music for leisure time
  • Form for reporting working and rest hours
  • A European Health Insurance Card and an international vaccination card are recommended
  • It is good to have some cash with you. On most ships you can make small purchases such as sweets and soft drinks.