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Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly – Mylly

Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly acts as a coordinator for onboard training (OBT) placements on ships. There are eight maritime institutions in Finland, and OBT is an essential part of education in this field. Thus, HarjoitteluMylly is a link between the academies and shipping companies.

ca. 900
OBT-placements a year

ca. 70

8 different
maritime academies

ca. 20
shipping companies


Onboard Training Vessel of the year 2022

Apprentices’ feedback has been processed. We are pleased and honored to announce the 2022 Onboard Training Ship – Congratulations Mirva VG, Meriaura!

Give feedback from your OBT

Apprentice – Always remember to fill in the feedback form at the end of each OBT. With the help of the feedback, we get information about how the OBT on each ship is going and we can ensure consistent quality for each OBT. Feedback is important so that we can evaluate our work and keep the course in the right direction in relation to our goals.

New system

The new system has now been implemented.

Please remember that the old system is no longer in use and applications received there will no longer be processed!

Information for students – from 1.10 all OBT applications to Mylly’s new OBT-system!

1.10.2022 forward the old page is no longer in use and applications in there will no longer be processed! All OBT applications must be submitted to the new system

Information for vessels – Changes in HarjoitteluMyllys operations

During the last year, HarjoitteluMylly has been working on the development of a new OBT -system.
Mainly, the new system facilitates the daily work of HarjoitteluMylly, and the user interface facilitates apprentices, ships, and shipping companies.

The situation in Ukraine and the operation of HarjoitteluMylly

The site is updated with current information on the situation in Ukraine and its impact on shipping. At the moment, the situation has not yet affected Mylly’s operations, but this may change. We will monitor the situation and inform of any changes.

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