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Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly acts as a coordinator for onboard training (OBT) placements on ships. There are eight maritime institutions in Finland, and OBT is an essential part of education in this field. Thus, HarjoitteluMylly is a link between the academies and shipping companies.

ca. 900
OBT-placements a year

ca. 70

8 different
maritime academies

ca. 20
shipping companies


The situation in Ukraine and the operation of HarjoitteluMylly

The site is updated with current information on the situation in Ukraine and its impact on shipping. At the moment, the situation has not yet affected Mylly’s operations, but this may change. We will monitor the situation and inform of any changes.

OBT vessel 2021 award ceremony

Yesterday we went to Turku to give Baltic Amelia the OBT vessel rotationprize and diploma. Baltic Amelie received positive feedback on how the crew has welcomed the apprentices and included them in their community. Congratulations once again!

Onboard training vessel of 2021

We are pleased to announce the OBT vessel of year 2021. This year the award will go to MV Baltic Amelie, Rederi Ab Nathalie. The rotationprize and diploma will be awarded later in February.

Something new and exciting!

Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly has started working on various reforms during autumn 2021. The first visible change is Mylly’s updated brand.

Onboard training vessel 2020

The OBT vessel 2020 has now been selected. Based on the feedback from the apprentices, Finnlines’ Ro-Ro vessel Finntide is the winner of the title. Congratulations to Finntide!

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