Summer OBTs!

Ahoy! Here are a few important reminders regarding onboard training and summer plans.

Apprentices, please remember to always fill out the feedback form at the end of each onboard training! Your feedback is valuable in providing us with information on how the training is progressing on each ship, and it helps us ensure a consistent quality of training for everyone. You can evaluate the vessel you have completed OBT this year here.

Secondly, many of you will soon be considering summer jobs and other summer plans. HarjoitteluMylly is open throughout the summer, and OBT opportunities will be distributed as usual. If you are interested in summer OBT, please submit your application in a timely manner. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that if you receive job offers or other plans for the same period you have applied for, please update or even withdraw your application. This way, we can ensure that training positions are offered to those who need them.

Thank you for your cooperation, which enables us to maintain smooth collaboration for everyone involved!