Mirva VG

On Thursday 16.2.2023, HarjoitteluMylly visited Mirva VG and awarded the Onboard Training Vessel of the year with a prize and a diploma.

Fanni Säteri, Head of Operations at HarjoittuMylly, gave a small speech at the beginning, while also telling about the results of the feedback. The answers in the feedback surveys are on a scale from1 to 5, Mirva VG’s average feedback was 4.9. Jessica Troberg, representative of the shipping company, was also present at the event and she was visibly happy, saying “I am impressed by what I heard, this is happy news”.

“This is a fine recognition. I’ve been very lucky with engineers [apprentices]. I am trying to pass around the good and it seems to be working”. – Ville Koskinen, Chief Engineer

After the speech cake and coffee were served to the whole ship’s staff. Before HarjoitteluMylly left the ship, we were able to watch as Engine apprentice Kapundja and Chief Engineer Koskinen prepared the ship’s engines for departure.

Thank you for the visit Mirva VG!

Photographer: Tiia Tiesmäki – Mepa

In the pictures: Jeffrey Ripson – Captain, Patrik Lundström – Captain, Ville Koskinen – Chief Engineer