Crew changes abroad

Under normal, pandemic-free, conditions, there are often crew changes abroad. However it is avoided during the current pandemic.

If a change abroad were to happen for you, it means that you travel to or from another country in connection with your OBT. Sometimes a vessel departs abroad, sometimes it arrives abroad, and sometimes both of your changes take place abroad. HarjoitteluMylly always describes and instructs separately about crew changes abroad.

The academies have different routines when it comes to crew changes abroad. Always check your academys latest policies for crew changes abroad. During the current pandemic, for example, many academies require the apprentice to have a COVID passport to allow a crew change abroad. If the academy accepts and pays for changes abroad, it is good to note that if the apprentice end the OBT early, s/he is responsible for the upcoming costs.

If your OBT begins in another country, you must NOT book your ticket yourself, until you have checked the applicable rules. Many shipping companies book the trips for apprentices. It is also good to check the academy’s routines regarding travel costs.

In most cases, the apprentice must be of legal age for crew changes abroad. For the trips, a COVID passport is required.