Covid-19 pandemic and OBT

The corona pandemic has affected us all, including HarjoitteluMylly’s operations. During the pandemic, the number of vessels available for HarjoitteluMylly has varied with the development of the pandemic. When vessels are on “Corona breaks”, there are also fewer OBT-places available. In such a case, the wait to get an OBT-placement can be prolonged.

Measures during the pandemic

Apprentices are encouraged to remain in voluntary quarantine or quarantine-like conditions before starting OBT. The purpose of the quarantine is to minimize the risk of infections on board. When traveling to the ship by public transport – take good care of hand hygiene and wear a face mask throughout the trip. On board the vessels, the use of face mask is also recommended everywhere except in the own cabin. 

Many shipping companies require the apprentice to have a COVID passport (certificate of suffered coronavirus disease or certificate of at least two vaccine doses). 

Depending on the pandemic situation and the apprentice’s COVID passport, the shipping company can refer the apprentice to a coronavirus test.