Information for students – from 1.10 all OBT applications to Mylly’s new OBT-system!

During the last year, HarjoitteluMylly has been working on the development of a new OBT -system ( The old system, where all OBTs were managed, was coming to an end in many aspects so it was time to renew the whole thing.

Mainly, the new system facilitates the daily work of HarjoitteluMylly, and the user interface facilitates apprentices, ships, and shipping companies.

1.10.2022 forward the old page is no longer in use and applications in there will no longer be processed! All OBT applications must be submitted to the new system

During September, the new user interface will open, so that you can create a profile and OBT application. During September, OBT are normally coordinated based on the applications received on the old page. From 1.10.2022 all OBT will be coordinated based on the applications received in the new user interface. How to apply for OBT: Apply for OBT in the NEW system | HarjoitteluMylly – Kvarnen

1.10.2022 we will also start confirming OBTs electronically!

Some of the OBT placements will be coordinated in the usual way, by calling, and some will be coordinated by e-mail (this depends on whether it is a liner or a wild line ship). It is important that the contact information in the application is correct so that the apprentice can be reached (valid e-mail and phone number).

Keep an eye on your email (also trash folder) as well as your phone while you are waiting for an OBT placement. If you cannot be reached HarjoitteluMylly will offer a place for the next applicant. Additional information: How to confirm OBT electronically | HarjoitteluMylly – Kvarnen

The old page:

The new OBT systems user interface: