Something new and exciting!

Something new and exciting is coming!

Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly has started working on various reforms during autumn 2021. The first visible change is Mylly’s updated brand. An example of the new brand policy is the new logo. In the logo, the name of the association is presented with the two native languages. Both languages describes Mylly’s co-operation with both Finnish- and Swedish-speaking apprentices and other parties. The beautiful, abstract wave, or Pärsky, depicts the sea that unites all of Mylly’s stakeholders.

The new brand has been designed and shaped by the Turku-based software company BeanBakers. Our cooperation will continue and we will launch new websites at the beginning of the year 2022. Later in the spring, we will launch a new platform that will serve not only Mylly but also students, academies and shipping companies / ships. When implementing the new platform, we will need small measures from the above-mentioned parties. We will return to these closer to deployment.

Our brand is being renewed to match the way we want the Training Mill to develop – modern.