In the user interface a suggested period is waiting for the ships confirmation

Accept the suggested OBT period in the user interface

With the new system (published on 1.10.2022) some of the ships will adopt a new automatic confirmation.

Automatic confirmation applies to ships on a line since schedules can be predicted in advance. On tramp ships, the practice remains unchanged, apprentices are still coordinated by e-mail.

How automatic confirmation in HarjoitteluMylly’s system works:

1.HarjoitteluMylly adds a time suggestion into the new system

! The proposed period is indicative, i.e. the entered days do not indicate the apprentices exact start/end date, but are mostly a period within which HarjoitteluMylly can arrange OBT for an apprentice. The period can be thought of as a block. Is there time for OBT within the proposed block? The dates can be changed and they will be adjusted according to the ship’s schedule.

Apprentices are instructed to always contact the ship before the start of OBT and agree on more specific details.

We are further developing the practices to the point that we could proactively coordinate the OBT placements one or two months ahead of time. For this reason, it is easier to think of the period as a block rather than individual dates !

2. The system sends an automatic e-mail notification to the ship about the suggestion (email name: Vahvistuspyyntö – laiva)

3. Log in via the link in the mail

4. As shown in the picture above, a gray block that says “Pending” has appeared on the timeline. View the suggested period by opening the block. What do the future schedules look like, are there suitable ports for a change, and is there cabin space?

5. In the system you can either accept or reject the proposed time. If the period suits the ship (days can be edited) and there is enough cabin space, the proposal should be accepted by clicking “Confirm OBT period”. If the period does not fit (the entire period is excluded), the suggested should be rejected with “Decline OBT period”

6. After the approved confirmation, HarjoitteluMylly starts looking for a new apprentice. As usual, a separate confirmation e-mail of the new apprentice will be sent (e-mail name: Uusi harjoittelija vahvistettu)

Read more about the new e-mail that comes when the new apprentice is confirmed.